Wisdom Cards

Wisdom Cards

Wise and helpful guidance for living consciously, for navigating your inner world and connections with others. Fifty cards altogether (five sets of 10 cards each)

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All feelings are allies

Ten cards offering interpretation of the deep intelligence of your internal guidance system.


Simple happiness

10 cards of wisdom to guide authentic and simple happiness, from the inside out.


Finding kind ways to be with yourself

Ten cards with reminders and insights into self care and being good to your deep self.


Loving others

Ten cards offering guidance to support conscious and honest relating with yourself and others.


Helpful hints for humans

Ten cards offering helpful hints for living in your own truth, and authentically Being your dear self.


Set of 50 Wisdom Cards

50 cards packed with guidance on themes such as happiness, loving others, being human, trusting the inner life to guide you, and being kind to yourself.


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