Cindy AulbyMy work offers you guidance, teaching and healing in service to your optimum health, wellbeing and happiness.

Due to our beautiful efforts in Tassie to reduce the spread of COVID 19, in-person sessions are now available again. Online sessions will continue to be availabe through Zoom - we have seen that online sessions are very effective, and have the often welcome benefits of no travel, working in the comfort of  your own space, no parking metres and less time required.


My professional toolbox provides me with the skills and experience to work wholistically, with your body and your mind, as well as your emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.

    • Heartful Counselling and Breathwork sessions to support you to overcome anything that's in the way of living your life fully, authentically and in alignment with who you really are.
    • Relationship support for couples, family members, friends, colleagues, groups ~ build honest communication and heartful connection. All relationships welcome.
    • A range of powerful Guided Meditation CDs to support your inner work by yourself ~ relaxation, sleep support, accessing a greater wisdom, and healing the past.

The focus in all my work is to go underneath and beyond what we think we know about what's happening inside us. There is always a deeper story, known in the body, and reaching this knowing enables true healing to occur.

We are self healing organisms ~ our internal intelligence is constantly seeking health. When we trust the deeper story, listen to it and follow its guidance, healing happens. All the old and unconscious stress and tension are released, and, bit by bit, you become available to yourself and to the present.

When you become more available, you will hear your body's signals about who you are and what to do - you become attuned to your magnificent internal guidance system. This is the source of Wisdom. You become attuned to your connectedess - with your self, with others and with Life. Happiness invariably happens! Healing returns us to our natural state, one of happiness and inner peace.

Aristotle wisely believed that Wisdom is essential to enduring happiness.

We all need support from time to time to reconnect with our internal intelligence, and find the way back to our selves. You do have every thing you need for wholeness and happiness ... 

Sometimes it's great to have another experienced human to listen, love, and be on your side while you navigate. You will remember your truth, and you can make the shifts towards living from that truth.

Come and sit with me. If you are unable to come and see me, online sessions are available, and you can try working with me using these Guided Meditation CDs. You can listen for free on Soundcloud.


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I have a deep yearning to live the truth of who I am, from the inside. Often this is wiser, bigger, quieter, more expanded-creative-playful and expressive than the 'me' I offer to my family, my job, my community.

I expect you also want to experience your Whole humanness, your natural connectedness, love and beauty. You DO have a constant and gentle internal guidance system showing you who you are and what is right for you. And you are a self healing organism - so anything that stands in the way of your fullness can be healed.

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So take your time to meander through these pages, and I trust you will find what you are seeking as you Journey to the Heart.

Call 0429 167 480 or email for more information.

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