Welcome to Journey to the Heart!

Cindy AulbyMy work offers you guidance, teaching and healing in service to your optimum health, wellbeing and happiness.

My professional toolbox provides me with the skills and experience to work wholistically, with your body and your mind, as well as your emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.

    • Heartful Counselling and Breathwork sessions to support you to overcome anything that's in the way of living your life fully, authentically and in alignment with who you really are.
    • Relationship support for couples, family members, friends, colleagues, groups ~ build honest communication and heartful connection.
    • A range of powerful Guided Meditation CDs to support your inner work by yourself ~ relaxation, sleep support, accessing a greater wisdom, and healing the past.

So take your time to meander through these pages, and I trust you will find what you are seeking as you Journey to the Heart.

Call 0429 167 480 or email for more information.

About Cindy Aulby

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