"It was a real demonstration for me as to how easily things can happen when they come from love rather than from effort."
"I have found every retreat I have done with Cindy to be a profound, rich, life affirming experience. They have also facilitated wonderful transformation in my approach to life and my quality of life. I can't recommended them highly enough." Andrew Doube
"The BREATHE retreat was a really life changing experience for me - I dealt with the cancer issues I had wanted to work on; and also a bonus in husband and family issues as well. I feel a great lightness of being; especially body-wise with the wonderful access that chakra breathing vouchsafed. And I have so much energy for finding my path for the next 20 years of my life's journey! No hurry, it will emerge in its own time, and I'll know it when it does." Louise Crossley
"Thank you so much for the retreat. I am so glad I ignored my resistance and made myself go! I knew it would benefit me but didn't realise to what extent! Wow! How awesome it was to release so much! How wonderful! Amazed. In awe of what took place. Some changes I've noticed. I'm not sure but I get the feeling I've found my strength and confidence. I'm yet to test it when I really need to be strong and confident. That's one of the things that I've wanted! Rather then walking around like I used to - awkward and low self-esteem. Like I don't matter and like I'm less than others. It's quiet but I think it's there. I matter. I'm strong. More comfortable in my own skin I think.  Thank you so much Cindy! And all the beautiful people that made the retreat possible. I too am grateful for the sacred space that helped me along in my journey." Kate K


"What I think you are doing is assisting people to align their way of living with their true selves. Mostly we have to clear away all the crap to find out what our true self is and then we have to build practices that assist us to shift towards living our truth. For me you are the facilitator of that process on all levels, which is a pretty awesome thing."  Juliet Chapman
"It's amazing how much I feel that I have changed and grown through the things I've shared with you. I trust you'll understand my appreciation goes deeper than words can express. Today's session went right where I needed to go and have an honest feel around, so thank you for guiding me there".
"I saw a little bit of light, I feel a great deal of relief, thank you."

Women's Circle

"Sitting in circles regularly has allowed me to subconsciously clean up my past life path. The compounded layers of life which have suppressed the real me being true to myself in the present moment are dissipating. I am becoming aware I can go within and listen to my own wisdom and trust I will safely guide myself through the hard times and the good. Thank you Cindy for creating such a sacred space." Alice.
"Thank you Cindy for the circle early this month - you have such a patient and caring heart, it is so beautiful that you offer this space for women to share."
"I love coming to Circle - such an honest way to come to understand my life and that of others. Through the guided meditations I receive powerful messages and wisdom. And such beauty, tenderness and love. The circle of women each have profound respect for one another and we are supported in our journeys by Cindy, who, like a midwife, guides us through previously unchartered waters of our souls." Sue
"That weekend was indeed a fabulously rich and well-timed blessing! Thank you all for your presence, and especially you Cindy, for your extraordinary patience, perseverence and compassion... "
"The weekend was rich syrupy womanly goodness, I am so grateful. I felt so supported, and so washed over with beauty. Captivated and touched by the stories, feelings and insights of the women. i smile so broadly when I think of the grounded and authentic and playful guidance you offered us all so generously."

Meditation CDs

"The CDs have arrived safely - thank you so much.... gee they are good!!! I've just about listened the words off them already!!!  And as you say, 'Breathwork is so simple' but my golly, it works beautifully!!"
"The CDs don't just look beautiful - They make me feel close to myself, close to you, close to something bigger. You have no idea how helpful they've been.  Thankyou."
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