The Journey to the Heart Course

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The Journey to the Heart Course is a non-residential, intensive personal development journey, spread over 3 days per month for 10 months.

Developed and facilitated by Cindy Aulby, it comes from the bounty of over 20 years of experience as a practitioner, a group facilitator, a teacher and an ongoing student. The Journey to the Heart Course offers a deep trust in, and a great love for humanness and the intelligence of our healing wisdom. Many thousands of deep human journeys inform the basis of the course.

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Who is it for?

The Journey to the Heart Course is for anyone who wants to embark on an extended adventure of personal development. It is suitable for those beginning the journey, and for those with experience and seeking to deepen their inquiry.

This course is also Level 1 for those intending to complete the Professional Training in Breathwork and Body Centred Counselling.

The group environment and the extended length of this course makes it a course to support your understanding of humanness and human process. It is for those seeking to understand others more fully, to heal relationship wounds and to learn to live according to personal truth whilst being in respectful relationship with others.

Journey to the Heart is for you if you want to get beyond your current intellectual understanding and experience yourself and others with greater depth and compassion.

What is it about?

The foundation of this course is that in every presentation of struggle, there is a deep organic intelligence at work.

Our culture teaches us that pain is not okay, that discomfort indicates something is wrong. While there are times when that is true, there is rarely anything 'wrong' in the pain, struggle and chaos we experience in our inner worlds. Our internal processes are always trying to align us with who we really are, and always seeking balance and wellbeing. We are self healing organisms. Not only our physical bodies, but our mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies are constantly doing their best to heal us.

We learn that we should move on and get over ourselves quickly when we feel inner discomfort, or when past events want our attention. Consequently few of us have experienced the intrinsic intelligence of inner process, or learned to stay with our own or another's discomfort for long enough to experience its wisdom. We avoid, over-ride or medicate processes that are trying to re-align us to the truth of who we are.

The Journey to the Heart Course teaches what I have affectionately come to name: "The User's Guide to Being Human". It is the map and the guidebook that our parents, teachers and wise elders would have given us if they had had it.

How is it presented?

While the course is primarily an experiential journey, there are written notes and many invitations to discuss the material in service to deeper understanding.

We use Breathwork, guided meditations, the group process and the Circle to dive into the mysteries of human-ness. So there are two major text books: the written one, and the group of humans who come together for the journey.

The course's foundation is the creation of a safe space where we can become unusually real with ourselves, where we can be loving witness to each other's journeys, where our combined experiences and our journeys are the most wondrous text book, not necessarily written, but known in each of us.

This course is also Level 1 of the Practitioner Training in Breathwork and Body Centred Counselling.

Because professional practice requires a deep knowing of one's self, the first part of the Practitioner's training is The Journey to the Heart Course. Those who hold space for others must have a solid trust in the intelligence of inner process, and to be able to be with themselves and with others, no matter what arises.

And for those who do this course only for the personal journey, with no intention to guide others, we must also learn about other people, about the many ways different people navigate their internal and external lives, about the wounding others have experienced and what effects it has. What we learn within this group environment is a crash course in humanness of all kinds. We have the opportunity to heal our relationship wounds and to learn to live according to our own truth whilst being in relationship with others.

What can you expect?

The course teaches and helps you discover some of the pieces which are missing from our cultural maps of what 'normal' humanness is. The power of the group's combined presence and intention, the power of the breath to help us to access ourselves, and the decades of experience leading to this teaching, all contribute to a depth of experience and expression that is rare in usual class and workshop environments.  

Our focused intention, simple processes and individual guidance will help you to:

  • Know yourself and understand others more fully
  • Develop compassion for yourself and for others 
  • Clarify where you are and what you want
  • Resolve emotional holding and unfinished business
  • Reshape your basic assumptions and ways of thinking
  • Differentiate between your authentic knowing and your conditioned responses and reactions
  • Clear your internal clutter and the baggage that you carry from your early years
  • Befriend yourself and your inner world
  • Heal relationship wounds and establish nurturing relationships
  • Create a richer, more contented and genuinely satisfying life

When and Where:

Hobart Breathing Space, 13b Goulburn Street, Hobart 7000

March to December 2019

3 days per month - Friday to Sunday EXCEPT for public holiday weekends which are Saturday to Monday (June):

March 15th to 17th  |  April 12th to 14th  |  May 10th to 12th  |  June 8th to 10th  |  July 12th to 14th  |  August 9th to 11th  |  September 6th to 8th  |  October 11th to 13th  |  November 8th to 10th  |  December 6th to 8th


Earlybird price if paid in full prior to the beginning of the course: $4,950.00

Payment plans cost an additional 7.5%: $5,321.25

(Please talk about a plan that can work for you - I am flexible when in respectful agreement!)

Total inclusions: 

  • Training program - all onsite teaching
  • Training materials, resources and support
  • Student access to Journey to the Heart library
  • Online student portal for ongoing connection, discussion, sharing articles, resources and research
  • Beverages and some food - bring your own lunch or there are plenty of cafes and take aways nearby

Book here or contact Cindy Aulby if you want to arrange a payment plan - email or phone 0429 167 480

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