Finding Your Way

Finding Your Way  is a three day, non-residential, intensive personal development course

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Cindy AulbyDeveloped and facilitated by Cindy Aulby, Finding Your Way comes from over 20 years of working with individuals, couples and groups, from bearing witness to thousands of human stories and healing processes, and from a great love of humanness and its self healing wisdom.  Read more about Cindy here.

Who is it for?

Finding Your Way is for anyone wanting to embark on an intensive personal inquiry. It is suitable for those at the beginning of their journey, or for those with experience and seeking some breathing space to tend to their inner world.

Finding Your Way is for you if you want to get beyond your intellectual understanding and experience yourself with greater depth.

What can you expect?

The course teaches and helps you discover some of the pieces which are missing from our cultural maps of normal humanness. It uses a balance of theoretical and experiential material - written course notes and discussion, guided meditations, breathwork and self inquiry techniques. We sit together in Circle and share our stories, listening and bearing witness to each other's experience and process, and being witnessed by them.

The Circle offers a rare environment of honesty, safety and trust. We take the time away from our normal worlds, we enter this unusual space, 'other' than work, home or social spaces. We listen with more of ourselves than is usual, and we often see our own experiences reflected in others' journeys. It's a powerful environment in which you can expect to access a deeper level of information and a deeper experience of yourself and others than is generally accessible in regular class or workshop formats.

Our focused intention, simple processes and individual guidance will help you to:good path 200px

  • CLARIFY where you are and what you want
  • RESOLVE emotional holding and unfinished business
  • KNOW yourself and understand others
  • RESHAPE your basic assumptions and ways of thinking
  • DIFFERENTIATE between your authentic knowing and your conditioned responses and reactions
  • CREATE a richer, more contented and genuinely satisfying life
  • CLEAR your internal clutter and the baggage that you carry from your early years
  • BEFRIEND yourself and your inner world

Why do we need personal development?

Humans have a spectacular capacity to fit into the environments we are raised in. However we usually get to a place when our conditioned self gets in the way of who we are and where we want to go.

There are a few times in every adult life when we are called to re-evaluate, to find another way. We need to put aside some time to meet ourselves, deeply and truly, and to listen to what is trying to happen.

Eventually we have to un-learn significant parts of our conditioning and find our own way. Life expertly shows us when it's time to do this.

Some of the common signposts that point to the internal insistence that we do this work:

  • Feeling disconnected, from ourselves, from others, from nature and from spirit
  • Having no sense of purpose or direction
  • Experiencing depleting or debilitating depression, anxiety or stress
  • Persistant feelings of guilt, self doubt, self hatred
  • Unsatisfying or reactive relationships
  • Disinterest in life
  • Feeling 'too' emotional or 'too' sensitive

While we see problems in living as signs of disorder and illness, we miss the inherent wisdom of human disharmony. We cannot cure problems in living! We can however, learn to recognise the signs telling us that it's time for growth and development.

When Life's not working, or you feel unsettled, something good is trying to happen. ALWAYS. 

If you are ready to move towards

  • emotional healing
  • greater compassion
  • a more joyful, creative and spontaneous life
  • living with intention

then join me for this journey of discovery.


Three days from Saturday to Monday

Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sunday 7.30am to 5pm, Monday 9am to 5pm - The non- residential format of this course means that participants "take it home", day to day. While residential courses offer a particular type of immersion, this format means that we enter the "otherness" of the learning space and immerse ourselves in it, and at the same time we integrate it into our lives gradually. We take it home, then we come back and do more. We take it home again, and we are daily learning what it takes to integrate deep process into normal life.


Hobart Breathing Space - 13b Goulburn Street, Hobart.


$580 including GST


  • The small group size of six to ten participants enables individual guidance. We have the time and space for each person's learning styles, personal material and needs. We have capacity to meet each person's goals, be they related to inner struggles, career, relationships, self leadership, parenting and/or spiritual matters.
  • Course reading and work book
  • Ongoing access to Journey to the Heart library and online group
  • Beverages, light snacks and simple breakfast on Sunday (Bring your lunch and sit in our lovely courtyard, or there are plenty of cafes and take-aways nearby)


Saturday 17th November to Monday 19th November - Book here

If you're looking for a similar course, but would like more time to focus on your process, and to learn more about the work, have a look at The Journey to the Heart Course. It is spread over 3 days per month for 10 months.

Contact Cindy Aulby for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Phone 0429 167 480

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