Guided Meditation CDs

Meditations for Wisdom and Healing

A three CD toolkit for the maladies and deficiencies that tend to arise as a natural consequence of being human!

Four powerful meditations from the heart, guided by Cindy Aulby ~ the complete tool kit to support your inner work, your Journey to the Heart


CD1 The Wisdom Journey

How often in hindsight do you wish you'd known better before you acted, reacted, spoke, or made decisions?
Have you racked your brains trying to work things out, and ended up being confused and incapable of acting wisely?
Are there times when other people's behaviour or actions bewilder you, when you just don't understand where others are coming from?
These are some of the times when you require a kind of knowing that you cannot access by thinking about it.
Our culture teaches us to depend on our rational minds, to practice mind over matter and over-ride the knowing that comes to us through our hearts and bodies. We develop our intellectual intelligence, and we bypass the enormous intelligence that comes from other sources. Over time we forget that any other way exists.
Wholeness requires that we re-align ourselves with the body's wisdom. Letting go of the thinking mind, and becoming present to the body's sensations, we gradually re-member the body's rich and accurate language.
Our inner landscape is inextricably connected to everything else, so as we go inward, we access different layers of wisdom, beyond the mind, and beyond anything we can learn in books.
While Western culture places little confidence in it, most of us are familiar with the concepts of other layers of awareness. At some level, most of us are aware of collective conscoiusness, that which is our shared human experience and is passed on naturally by the processes of evolution. We also can know about things through our ancestral or racial consciousness, that is passed on to us through our personal lineage. And most have heard of higher consciousness, the knowing that is ours for the asking, by virtue of being part of the whole, or One with the Universe.
However we understand it, we all have a natural acess to wisdom which is all-knowing and always available when we open to it.

It is not reserved for special people with special powers. This wisdom is ours, simply  because we are alive.

To access all our knowing requires us to surrender the mind's confidence, to be comfortable in the not knowing, and to allow our natural intuition and body awareness to unfold and to awaken.
This meditation creates the ideal environment for such awakening. Like any new skill, trying it a few times will add to its strength, and will increase your capacity to do it well.


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CD 2 Beyond the Past

How do you "Just get over it!"?

We all experience painful and challenging times in our lives. In processing these events, we develop the tools we need as adults to live well to open heartfully.
We are a bit like computers, downloading programs, as and when we need them, to deal with the specific environment we find ourselves in. These programs remain intact, often unconsciously. They continue to inform who we are and how we experience the world. Life has a beautiful knack of ensuring that we regularly revisit these programs - it is life's way of inviting healing. Events, people, places, music and smells will trigger old feelings and old wounds, pointing us constantly in the direction of what requires resolution. When triggers happen, this meditation will guide you in to the original program, and here it offers simple healing of the distortions, blockages and inhibitions that past woundings have put in place.
Where previously we have been re-active, re-enacting the old stories, we become able to respond, response-able, for our own feelings and our selves.
This meditation process offers simple and practical pathways towards self love, self respect and compassion.

Survive or thrive

We are extraordinarily adaptable us humans! We manage to survive in circumstances where other mammals would simply wither and die. Yet surviving and thriving can be worlds apart, and unless we find completion and heal these old wounds, they continue to inform who we are and how we view our world. The old fears, anxieties, beliefs and decisions form templates: default settings that automatically and unconsciously come into play in similar situations until we do something about it – until we change the underlying programme.
When matters from the past are allowed their completion, life in the present becomes exquisitely simple. Emotions and feeling states lose their pressure-cooker kind of intensity. They become appropriate to the moment, an understandable response to what’s happening in the here and now ... Emotions arise, we express them, they pass. Where previously we have been reactive, we become able to respond, response-able for our actions and behaviour, for our relationships, for our own happiness and satisfaction, responsible for our own lives.


It can be tempting to discount the more subtle woundings we encounter when seeking within, because it seems like nothing compared to what people suffer through wars or famine, abuse or illness. We can all think of someone worse off than we are.
Trauma impacts us all differently, in gross or subtle ways, and at the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual levels. I've met people who appear to have lived charmed lives. They've had nourishing childhoods, loving parents, no big trauma has happened. Yet there might be one thing that happened to them at school that has wounded them deeply, some unwise and damaging act by a teacher for instance. This might create all sorts of long term damage to the inner sense of self, that impacts all subsequent relationships. Others I've met have been significantly traumatised over long periods of time, and yet they seem reasonably undamaged, happy and well balanced. There is no wound meter that applies to all of us. 
The more subtle woundings can be harder to grasp and therefore to heal, yet they still continue to create damage. It may be that no one event has damaged us, but that our suffering was through the unwise and unconscious guidance of those who cared for us, or that we grew within isolated and culturally barren environments. Any combination of small factors can teach us to shut down and adjust our organic nature – we do whatever we can in order to comply, to be acceptable and to fit in.

Why dig up the past?

The pain is well buried, the events forgotten, so why dig up the past if it’s well and gone? Why not just focus on how you want to be now?
That you have shut down your heart a bit here and there may be no big deal, until you find when you want to open your heart to life, to express your creativity or your love, to become more of who you are ... you are unable to do it.
Maybe you find yourself in a place that’s kind of familiar, and it’s not working!
Maybe you're doing great then something triggers you, and before you know it you're in this spiral of reaction, fed by old familiar fear / anger / shutting down / addictive behaviour / neediness / insecurity … We can have all the best intentions and strategies in place, yet still things have the power to get underneath all our good plans and trigger us into uncontrollable feelings and behaviour. 
It might be a pattern of relating or shutting down around loved ones, or there’s a type of person you keep attracting even though it doesn’t serve you well. It may be you are anxious, you panic or you feel fears that don’t make sense in the present. Or perhaps you notice that you’re unable to create your own life or achieve the success that seems like it should be simple and achievable ... you might feel as if you run up against a brick wall, you get stuck or blocked before you reach your goal, you might give up around the same point at each new project? 
That’s why. The meditation will guide you back to the original source of beliefs, habits and behaviours which require completion, to where the template was created. 
This process enables deep healing for the younger you. It enables you to live more fully in the present, whole, as the adult you are now ... fully aware, conscious and able to respond wisely rather than re-act unconsciously.


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CD3 Relax

and let yourself go

The busy-ness of modern life seems to be continuallly increasing, as are our levels of stress and anxiety. We are forgetting how to rest. Culturally we deny our need to rest, so much that it's seen as a weakness to recognise that we're tired and to stop. Few of us allow time in our days to simply be, to drop by the wayside for a moment and let it go.
This CD offers 2 meditations. The first is designed for those delicious moments when you decide to drop it all and to re-connect with the present, with your center. When you do this consciously, you are able to re-enter the world afresh: centered, alert and unfrazzled.
Busy-ness can leave you very wound up at the end of the day, so that relaxing into a restful sleep can become problematic. Use the second meditation to gently calm thoughts and relax the body, so that natural sleep becomes far more likely.
Both meditations offer gentle suggestions and prompts to help develop self-acceptance, increased awareness, full and healthy breathing, and being present in the body.


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How to use these meditations

Create time and place where you will be comfortable, uninterrupted, when you can ignore the world's demands for an hour or so, and where you can be entirely focused with yourself.

Trust your inner guidance

These meditations will guide you towards an altered state of consciousness. It is a safe and deeply nourishing place to be. The generic nature of the particular processes can only be a guide, and I recommend that you trust your self when you enter your process. Your awareness will take you to where your attention is most needed, and this may be unexpected - it may take you to unfamiliar places beyond your conscious memory, or beyond your current map of what is possible. Trust your inner guidance, and resist the temptation to change what is happening. Trust what happens, even if you don't understand it at the time. If you feel safe and in the right place, let yourself go there.
If you feel unsure or concerned about where you are going, then bring yourself back. Focus on my voice or on the music, and gently return. Come back to the present by wriggling your toes, and by remembering ordinary everyday things such as what day of the week it is, what colour your clothes are, what room you are in. If you still feel wobbly, count yourself in: Picture that you are outside of your body, and count from 20 down to one, as you bring yourself more and more into your self. If it feels to you that you are a long way away, begin your count at 100, and count yourself slowly and methodically back in, until you get back to one, and present, in this moment.
Check in with yourself. Where did you go? Was your resistance wise and in your service, or was it fear of change, fear of the unknown? Offer yourself the opportunity to start the process again, to go back and trust where your awareness takes you.


After the meditation, before you move back into the activities of your day, please allow the time to bring your experience into your everyday state of consciousness. You might write down what you remember, or draw it. Allow your body to choose the colours that feel right, and let your body make marks on paper until it feels like it's finished. It can be illuminating to then look deeply into what you have drawn and see how you feel - what comes to you? If talking works for you, you might share your experience with someone you trust, being alert to remain in your own process for as long as you need to. If you jump out too soon, you may deny yourself some valuable integration and understanding.
If you encounter material that you find difficult to understand or integrate - First relax and Breathe. Give it time. The material you have encountered has been living inside you, and you have simply shone the light of your awareness onto it. It is nothing new.
If you feel you have encountered material that is not yours, consciously let it go. Let it go into Light. And remember that if and when you feel stuck or would like some help, there are many skilled practitioners to help you find your way through. Trust your inner guidance, and seek help, even when your mind tries to talk you out of it!

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