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Relax & Let Yourself Go

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The busyness of life seems to be continually going faster, as are our levels of stress and anxiety. We are forgetting how to rest. Culturally we deny our need to rest, so much so that it is often seen as a weakness to recognise that we're tired and to stop. Few of us allow time in our days to simply be, to drop by the wayside for a moment and to let go.

This CD offers 2 meditations. The first is designed for those delicious moments when you decide to drop it all and to re-connect with the present, with your centre. When you do this consciously, you are able to re-enter the world afresh: centered, alert and unfrazzled.

Busy- ness can leave you very wound up at the end of the day, so that relaxing into a restful sleep can become problematic. Use the second meditation to gently calm thoughts and relax the body, so that natural sleep becomes far more likely.

Both meditations offer gentle suggestions and prompts to help develop self acceptance, increased awareness, full and healthy breathing, and being present in the body.

1. Focus on the Breath  16:38          2. Relax and Let Go  21:35

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